12+ years of supporting extraordinary founders

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What Our Founders Say

So much more than funds... Flashpoint is a true partner! And an integral part of the team. They are professional, proactive, involved and bring real value to the company and its management.
Udi Dor
CEO, co-founder Fund III
Flashpoint has the power to navigate well within Emerging Europe’s startup scene. We’ve found very easy to work with the team thanks our common values and drive to succeed.
Miroslav Miroslavov
CEO, co-founder Fund II
Flashpoint were a perfect fit for us: always available when needed and informative when they had something important to help with. We felt comfortable sharing any news with them, business and personal.
Noam Wolf
CEO, co-founder Fund I
We couldn’t have gotten to were we are without the honest feedback that Flashpoint have provided to us, especially when things were not going well. It felt like family to me.
Alina Vandenberghe
CXO, co-founder Fund II
Flashpoint is a wonderful long-term partner which supported us everytime we needed. Amazing and professional team with strong European values and global ambitions and track record.
Jakub Krzych
CEO, co-founder Fund I
Flashpoint has a mission to bring back some of the capital, value, and best practices that we know ourselves and help people to develop.
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Misson and values

We are used to relentlessly pursuing the finish line, through good times or severe turbulence, never giving up the support of our portfolio companies. Perseverance and superior information drives the best management and investment decisions.
Our mission at Flashpoint is to bring together capital, knowledge, people and best practices and help socially responsible development.
Monetary returns are of course important, but non-tangible aspects of our work are equally important for our team.
We have invested a third of our capital in themes that change the world for the better, this includes investments into e-learning, telemedicine, online job platforms.
We strive to be one of the largest investors in all our funds and we believe that “skin in the game” and common goals among stakeholders are a prerequisite of success.

We also believe in a strong equity culture and meritocracy, sharing investment profits within the Flashpoint team.

We create an ecosystem for our investors and our investee companies with multiple network benefits through referrals and shared experience.

We are deeply passionate about our business and tech investing. We are hard-working, focused, open-minded and approachable for founders, limited partners and other participants of the VC ecosystem alike. 
We are ambitious in our vision to back tech leaders – great companies are built by great people. Like our entrepreneur partners, we are principals at heart, leading deals and adding value to portfolio companies.
Integrity in our relations with founders, investors and our team is vital. We are here for the long-haul and believe that long-lasting bonds are built on transparency, trust and strong corporate governance. We are listeners – to our investee founders, to our investor partners, and to our own employees:  
  • A qualified opinion should always be heard
  • A good question should always be asked;
  • Disagreement is very different to disrespect
Venture Capital
We invest in Global Series A tech startups originating from Emerging Europe & Israel. We focus on late-seed and Series A stage companies, however, could consider seed investments in areas of our sector expertise or with co-investors we know. The sweet spot is B2B software and tech-enabled solutions, however, we also invest in compelling marketplaces and consumer applications.
Initial Check Size
up to
Follow-up Investment
up to
Target Stake
up to
Growth Debt
We focus on VC-sponsored companies with at least $3m
in annualised revenue and demonstrated product-market fit complementing VC financing to foster further growth for
VC-backed start-ups.
at least
Loan amounts from
up to
Growth Rate
Loan term
3-4 years
year term
Direct Secondary
We provide secondary liquidity to early-stage investors and existing or former employees, including the founders. We focus on later-stage technology companies already achieving significant revenue from international markets while leveraging their access to local talent from their place of origin
Run-rate Revenues
$15M +
Annual Revenue Growth
up to
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New York
Tel Aviv
1 Duchess St, London, LND W1W 6AN