17 Essential Investor Presentations Ideas

Published on
December 5, 2021
Maria Eliseeva

We are pretty sure you’ve googled “best investor decks” and consequently were bombarded with hundreds of sites offering to help you with outdated templates and the classic Airbnb cliches.

The industry has moved past these examples and building an investor pitch in 2021 requires a lot more than a “Sequoia Capital Template”.

We have gathered 17 various investor decks from both start-ups to more vetted companies from a wide range of industries both listed in the TASE and the NASDAQ.

Click on the images to view the investor presentations.

1. Hippo

Recently IPO’d Hippo is changing the face of property insurance using AI and big data. This deck truly inspires the use of minimalistic slides with a clear the crisp theme.


A leading growth retailer in Israel looking to take the sports retail industry by storm through superior customer experience and innovation.
Look at their competitive analysis slide for inspiration!

3. ironSource

Founded in 2010, this company is already established in developing technologies for the app economy.
Due to their experience, there is a lot to learn from this deck.

4. Taboola

Another Israeli heavy-hitter Taboola is traded on the NASDAQ. This deck is great for design inspiration and different ways to present talking points through effective simplicity.

5. Terminal X

Israel’s own multi-brand e-commerce website. We would suggest avoiding slides like “the WOW factor” and try to keep things simplistically effective. However, they truly know how to stick to a color scheme.

6. Highcon

Highcon develops, sells, and supports a portfolio of digital converting machines for folding cartons.
It is also important to see unpolished decks and compare them with heavy hitters.

7. TopGum

Israeli TopGum has IPO’d this year and looking to conquer the vegan sugar gummy scene.
This deck offers a clear and concise story that was told to the investors with a great ending TL;DR.

8. Continual

Recently IPO’d on the TASE, they are looking to connect car manufacturers to mobile networks — providing an interconnected journey experience.
Simple yet effective deck.


Another recent IPO in the materials and graphics industry. SCODIX is looking to tackle the digital print enhancement process. Great deck for those looking to pitch a physical product.


Fantastic visually engaging deck looking to tackle thermal energy storage. The deck builds a narrative and explores how their patented technology is the right clean energy investment.

11. Nayax

This deck was used in Nayax’s Roadshow and provides a visual approach to telling their story to potential investors. They successfully IPO’d on the TASE in 2021 — guess the deck worked.

12. Augwind

Augwind is focusing on innovative solutions for energy efficiency and storage. Their deck is built with a clear structure in mind paired with an impressive visual theme.

13. Ginegar

Israeli-based Ginegar has a broad portfolio to tackle agricultural issues with smart cover solutions.
A short and concise deck that is an example of a to-the-point investors presentation.

14. Glassbox

Founded in 2010 and IPO’d in 2021 Glassbox provides businesses with big-data behavioral and content analytic solutions. Example of a concrete deck — well-thought, informative, and eye-pleasing.

15. Evogene

This dual-listed biotech company is developing unique products using a computational predictive biology platform.
Important to get inspiration from large and vetted companies.

16. IceCure

The company is listed on the TASE essentially offering a physical product. Something about this deck feels overloaded and the colour scheme underwhelming — one to take note of.

17. otonomo

otonomo is looking to control the cloud service sector for autonomous and connected cars. Their competitive assessment is top tier and overall a lot to learn from this deck.

Hopefully, you’ve been inspired and absorbed some of the core concepts and themes of professional investor presentations.
Obviously, early start-ups don’t have as much text and financial reporting and that is perfectly fine.

We believe that two main goals should be kept in mind:

Make the Financials crystal clear.

Building a great pitch deck usually starts with finding the right template. Searching for a template that you can actually play with will take you down a rabbit hole of presentations, with ugly templates and endless subscriptions. To save you time, we’ve gathered 10 templates, 4 free plus 6 paid for you to play with.

In addition to the templates, the start of any pitch deck needs to be clean and neat. Flashpoint VC gives you a template like that to play with, so if you don’t find the right template, or if you need a more tailored or stylish deck, you can start with this template and upgrade it later on.

If you are looking for tips from a leading VC on how to write the perfect pitch deck, we recommend you read our article:

Designing the Perfect Pitch Deck

A pitch deck can make or break your entire company. Investors see hundreds to thousands of pitches a year, so how do…


2. The template by Canva is not always the easiest platform but it has a variety of templates for free.

3. Another Canva template you can use, it’s minimalistic & clean.

4. Slidecarnival is an intensive website to find slides & templates, with free options & easy to download PowerPoints.

5. Simple, clean and elegant. Cost from $16 and has many more templates for you to customize.

6. Slide members: most of the templates require you to upgrade, $10 a day or $13 a week, and then just choose the template you want.

7. At Slidebean you need to upgrade for exporting to PPT, but the website has great templates to play with.

8. At BaseTemplates you will need to pay $50 for a project (ready template), or you can be fancy with a custom pitch deck for $49 a slide.

9.Beautiful.ai is another platform like Canva, with editing on the platform and many options.

10. Startup-x Easy to use and edit for your needs. Consider it a great option for the beginners in the crowd.

Hopefully, we have given you the right tools to start creating your own pitch deck and the templates will help you throughout that stage.

Building your pitch deck is a continuous process that you will do as the start-up grows, each time adding new numbers or tutorials. Having a good template is an asset that will save you a lot of time in your journey.

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