Flashpoint invests in testRigor along with Y Combinator increasing total number of investments to 38 across all its 6 funds

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July 24, 2021

San Francisco, California, August 25, 2021 — testRigor, a no-code autonomous software testing company that automates functional and regression tests using AI, today announces that it has raised a $4M Seed round led by Flashpoint Venture Capital. testRigor also joined the Y Combinator program batch S21.

The testRigor platform helps companies quickly scale their QA testing. Currently, 70% of automated tests default back to manual execution. The manual QA process is slow, expensive and prone to human error. Companies end up losing $1.7 Trillion per year due to bugs leaked to production. testRigor helps enterprises scale QA by making it incredibly easy for a company’s non-technical manual testers to build automation and spend almost no time on maintenance.

Other testing platforms use details of implementation and require engineers to create automated tests. testRigor allows non-technical people like manual QA testers to write executable specifications in plain English. It provides a recorder to allow them to record their actions from the end-user’s point of view and represent it in plain English. Because tests are in plain English, it facilitates better understanding and collaboration between PMs, Engineers and QAs. It also allows for versioning and easy adaption to new functionality with just find and replace.

testRigor also generates tests in plain English based on how their customer’s users are using their application. With a JavaScript library, it gathers statistics and automatically builds tests for the most-frequently-used flows through the application under test.

This results in companies being able to achieve 90%+ test automation several times faster than with open source systems like Selenium and spend less than 0.5% of the time usually spent on test and framework maintenance.

The testRigor platform is already used by many large corporations in the United States, including Netflix, IDT, EdCast and Upgrade. testRigor sales grew 10-fold year-over-year in 2020 year-over-year. The software testing market is estimated at US$14B in 2017 and growing 23% year-on-year according to Zion Market research.

“We were automating about four test cases a week per person. Now we are automating double since we started with testRigor”, commented Keith Powe VP of Engineering at IDT Corporation.

“The funds will be used to improve the product and expand marketing and sales efforts”, says Artem Golubev, founder and CEO of testRigor.

“We are happy to support Artem and welcome testRigor to the Flashpoint family. Uniqueness of testRigor technology boils down to the fact that automated tests can be indeed created by people without knowledge of coding which significantly reduces costs per tests and increases its speed. Based on our research and customer reference calls, testRigor is the most efficient solution for test automation that is currently available in the market.”, added Alexander Konoplyasty, Managing Partner at Flashpoint Venture Capital.

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