Flashpoint Secondary Fund Invested in K2View

Published on
December 8, 2021

Flashpoint Secondary Fund (“FSF”), a secondary vehicle of Flashpoint Group, has completed an investment in K2View, a global leader in operational data fabric solutions.

K2View Fabric transforms fragmented data from source systems according to business-centric data products — customer, product, location, order, or anything else that’s important to the business. K2View’s patented technology stores the data relating to each individual data product in its own, unique Micro-Database, which is then accessible to data consumers in a split-second. K2View thus creates and manages billions of data products, each of which unify everything a company knows about the entity — transactions, interactions, and master data.

K2View’s unique technology provides real-time access to data, regardless of underlying source systems, technologies, data formats, and volume. It supports massive scale, multi-cloud, on-premise, and hybrid deployments, and can be deployed to support a data fabric, data mesh, or data hub architecture. The ability to access data in real-time is instrumental for a multitude of operational use cases, like 360 customer view, churn prediction, fraud detection, data privacy compliance, credit scoring, and data governance.

Founded in 2009 with nearly 200 employees and headquartered in Israel, K2View is serving blue chip enterprise clients in telecommunications, financial services and healthcare around the globe. K2View’s clients are mainly large enterprises with millions of underlying customers.

With a total of 4 billion Micro-Databases deployed, K2View manages more databases than all the world’s cloud vendors combined.

The investment was made by FSF, which provides liquidity to companies’ existing shareholders (such as early investors, employees and founders) in growth stage tech companies. FSF focuses on businesses founded by entrepreneurs from Emerging Europe and Israel, a thriving tech ecosystem which produced a number of global winners. The region’s growth was fueled by early-stage investors with a natural need to recycle capital as times from first funding to exit for technology companies globally have extended to more than 10 years.

“We are proud to partner with K2View, a true technology leader. The investment lies squarely within our strategy of focusing on fast growing businesses which already established leadership in their markets. The team at K2View has developed a best-in-class product with unmatched capabilities of real-time data access across multitudes of disparate data systems. We were very impressed by the client feedback, highlighting the performance, flexibility, configurability, as well as easy and fast implementation of K2View’s data fabric. Within our Secondary Fund, we intend to do a relatively limited number of high conviction investments. We believe that the possibilities for K2View’s solution are virtually unlimited,” — commented Michael Szalontay, Managing Partner of Flashpoint Secondary Fund.

“We are happy that Flashpoint believes in our solutions as much as our clients do. Customer-centric companies want all of their customer interactions to be personal, contextual, consistent, and profitable. Yet they often fail to achieve it due to the exponential growth in complexity and volume of the underlying data. We at K2View are assisting companies to achieve these goals, enhancing business agility while often also significantly decreasing clients’ data management costs. Our data fabric provides a fully-integrated suite of data-centric solutions to deliver a trusted, holistic, and real-time view of customer and business data, for applications and insights.” — added Achi Rotem, CEO and Co-Founder of K2View.

About K2View

K2View provides an operational data fabric dedicated to making every customer experience personalized and profitable.

The K2View platform continually ingests all customer data from all systems, enriches it with real-time insights, and transforms it into a patented Micro-Database™ — one for every customer. To maximize performance, scale, and security, every micro-DB is compressed and individually encrypted. It is then delivered in milliseconds to fuel quick, effective, and pleasing customer interactions.

Global 2000 companies — including AT&T and Vodafone, — deploy K2View in weeks to deliver outstanding multi-channel customer service, minimize churn, achieve hyper-segmentation, and assure data compliance.

About Flashpoint

FSF operates at the crossroads between venture capital and growth equity, looking to make about a dozen investments in high growth companies with proven business models. The fund can also invest primary capital, alongside or following a secondary entry, to further support its portfolio companies. FSF was launched in 2021 and has thus far, including K2View, made 3 investments totaling over USD 23m.

Flashpoint is an international investment group with over US$420m AuM. Flashpoint manages six venture funds: four VC funds, a Venture Debt Fund, and a Secondary Fund. Investors in Flashpoint’s funds include more than 100 major family offices and HNWIs. The company has offices in London, Tel-Aviv, Budapest, Warsaw, Riga, Nicosia and Moscow. The funds have made investments in over 40 companies including names such as Guesty, Chili Piper, IVI and Dostavista. Flashpoint has completed ten exits, including the sale of its stakes in Shazam (to Apple) and Chess.com (to PokerStars founders).

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